First Responders Started Lining up in the Streets and Then the Music Started…Awesome!

Rock County First Responders Start Dancing to 'Uptown Funk'.

One of our favorite dance parties featuring Mark Ronson’s hit single ‘Uptown Funk’ is when a school teacher got the entire school dancing to the hit song that also features Bruno Mars. Rock County First Responders posted a video of fireman, police officers, and paramedics from Rock County, Wisconsin, dancing to the smash hit and it raises the bar.

‘Uptown Funk’ is a song that makes you want to get up and dance every time you hear it and that’s exactly what these first responders did. They take their jobs seriously but it’s great to see them take time to have some fun with the terrific residents of Rock County.


The energy level in this video is amazing and it was great to see everyone dancing in the streets and having fun. Please share this epic dance party featuring the Rock County First Responders with your friends and family.

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