His Young Daughter Died Because of a Drunk Driver. What He Does at Her Grave Will Break Your Heart.

Rick Ellis' 6-year-old Daughter Died Because of a Drunk Driver.

Unfortunately, some people deal with addictions to drugs and alcohol but what is even sadder is when their actions cause pain and suffering to innocent people. Rick Ellis lost his daughter Lindsey to a drunk driver who drank and got high for two days before getting behind the wheel.

At his daughter’s grave, he records an emotional plea to everyone who is battling addictions to get help and prevent accidents like this from happening. If you look closely, there are two names on the headstone: Christy M. Johnson Ellis and Lindsey Kay Ellis. The drunk driver that killed little Lindsey was her own mother, Christy M. Johnson Ellis.

Watch Rick Ellis’ emotional video taken from his daughter’s grave…


Just like Marc Mero’s simple message that brought school kids to tears, drugs and alcohol abuse can ruin lives. Such a heartbreaking story but this father had a very powerful message that needed to be heard.

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