Keep Your Appliances Running like New with These Easy Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Just as you’re getting ready to serve a terrific meal for your family or dinner guests, the oven breaks down while in the middle of cooking your turkey. Appliance breakdowns seem to happen at the worst times but with a little prevention and regular maintenance, we can minimize repairs and extend the life of all our appliances.

This handy infographic from eReplacementParts in partnership with Ghergich & Co. offers cleaning tips and techniques for all your major appliances and small appliances like coffee makers, toasters, and blenders. Cleaning your appliances regularly also helps save money since dirty appliances generally don’t run as efficiently as they should resulting in higher operating costs and generally require more repairs.

H/t: eReplacementParts

Most major appliances can last well over a decade or more so it makes sense to clean them regularly and have them working efficiently. It can lower your energy bill and save you money!

Please share these important appliance cleaning tips with your friends and family.

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