If You Take This Quiz, We Can Tell You How Many Kids You Will Have!

How Many Kids Will You Have Find Out With Our Quiz!

For many couples, “how many children should we have?” is a question that comes up more than once. Some married couples are happy with no children, some are happy with one or two, and some couples aren’t happy until they have a houseful of children.

It ultimately depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and¬†socioeconomic status. Let’s face it, raising kids is expensive and according to¬†the Department of Agriculture, the cost of raising a child from birth to the age of 17 is over $286,000 for a middle-class family! But if you’re already a parent, you’ll probably agree that the benefits of having children far outweighs the costs.

But enough with the ifs, ands or buts! You came here to take a quiz and peek into the future to see how many kids you are going to have. If you’re ready for the answer, take the quiz below!

If our quiz predicted the correct answer or was way off, let us know in the comments! Either way, we wish you a life filled with happiness! Please share this quiz to help determine how many kids you’ll have with your friends and family.

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