Once the Class Valedictorian Said These 3 Words, the Entire Graduating Class Stood Up

Portsmouth High School Graduation 'Shake It Off' Flash Mob.

June is the month many high school seniors graduate high school and get ready for college in the fall. When class valedictorian Colin Yost of Portsmouth High School was ending his speech, he gave a word of advice if life ever got stressful…just ‘shake it off’.

Once he uttered those three words, Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ started playing and all the graduating students participated in a flash mob. Yost planned it with several of his friends and all the students were more than happy to participate and make it a graduation party they won’t soon forget!

Watch this Portsmouth High School 2015 Valedictorian Speech and Flash Mob…


When life gets stressful, ‘shake off’ that stress just like Colin Yost and the 2015 graduating class of Portsmouth High School.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “PHS 2015 Valedictorian Speech and Flash Mob” by Colin Yost:

  1. “Sorry for being more than five years late, but Congratulations to all–” – Fran Hughes
  2. “I literally just want the best for him and I don’t even know him.” – emil y
  3. “Not only is he smart, but so natural speaking.. He didn’t seem even one tiny bit nervous. Hardly peeked down at notes, and just a great delivery with awesome words to say. Then to just shake it off, have fun, and show leadership to boot. What a great human being :)” – Tanya S
  4. “The speech alone was worth the view…the flash mob was the icing on the cake. Outstanding job class of 2015! Congrats to you all!” – John Hilman
  5. “I am so impressed with this young man and his speech. He will go far in life. Cheers.” – Neecee Malan
  6. “This young man’s speech was so inspired. Restores my faith in the youth of today. He was persuasive, compelling, heartfelt, and encouraging. Amazing! Good Job to the parents that raised this young man!!!” – Tiffaney Bunch

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