She Wrapped Her Hair in a T-Shirt and Had the Most Gorgeous Curls of Her Life

"Hair Plopping" Your Hair in a T-Shirt Will Produce Awesome Curls.

For women with naturally curly hair, getting beautiful frizz-free curls in the morning is the goal. YouTuber Donata White, AKA Primal Beauty Queen, shows us how to reach that goal by using a technique called “plopping” or “plunking”.

First, she applies the heat protecting spray to help smooth out her hair but no heat is applied. After a few other products to add some shine and reduce frizz, she wraps her hair in a t-shirt. The next morning, she wakes up to curly and silky hair.

Watch how hair plopping with a t-shirt can produce luscious, curly hair…


With this handy tip, you don’t have to worry about running to work in the morning with a wet head of hair! If you like hair trends, don’t miss this new trend called ‘granny hair‘ which is gaining in popularity.

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