Parrot Walks up to a Group of Cats and What He Does Will Make You LOL!

Parrot Meows Like a Cat to Blend in with a Group of Cats.

Parrots are one of the most intelligent birds in the world and it’s well known how they can imitate human voices. But one parrot also learns how to speak cat and he has one group of cats all confused. Just like thisĀ parrot dancing to ‘wouldn’t it be nice’, this wonderful parrot is just as hilarious!

As he confidently walks up to them, he doesn’t tweet but meows instead! The cats can’t comprehend what they just heard and their confusion will make you laugh. As an added bonus, this smart little parrot also learned how to hiss and he uses it effectively when one of the cats begin to show him some attitude!

Watch what happens when a parrot disguises itself in a cat group…


In the end, this white cockatoo just wants to be part of the gang and tries his best to blend in. Please share this hilarious video of a parrot trying to disguise himself as a cat with your friends and family.

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