Mama Bear Proves It’s Not Easy Being a Mom

If you’re a parent and especially a mother, you know how being a mom isn’t easy. But if you’re a mama bear trying to get your four cubs across the road during rush hour, you realize the struggle is real. A video, filmed on March 21, 2021 in Winsted, Connecticut, captures a mother bear holding up traffic as her four offspring sprint back and forth. In it, the mama bear struggles to carry her cubs safely across the road. But as you’ll soon see, the little cubs don’t make it easy for their mama!

Mama bear struggling to get her cubs safely across the road.

The mama bear’s impressive display of maternal instincts has struck a chord with parents. Any parent can relate to the challenges of keeping their children safe in today’s fast-paced world.

“I feel like this sometimes when I’m out with my kids and we have to cross the street,” one parent commented on the video. “I want to give her a high-five!”

Watch this mama bear as she struggles to get her cubs to safety…


I’m not a mother but I could feel how exasperated she must feel at 1:12. She’s trying to carry two of her cubs at the same time but they constantly run away from her. Animals are great parents and this mama bear is a great example of how amazing the animal kingdom is. They work tirelessly to ensure their cubs are born healthy and survive in the wild…and on the streets!

The video has been viewed over 5.1 million times on YouTube on the ViralHog channel. It’s racked up millions of views on Twitter and Facebook as well. It’s clear that this mama bear is one parenting, or should I say “bear-enting” hero that we can all learn from.

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