He Went Out for Dinner with His Wife Only to Return and Find Strangers Inside His House!

300+ Teens Destroy Colorado Home While Owner Was Out For Dinner.

Your home is meant to be a safe place; however, when it gets vandalized it can leave you with an emotional aftermath. Many victims also become fearful of being alone once what their safe haven has been breached.

Mike Cox and his wife decided to go out for a quiet dinner at their favorite restaurant. Once they arrived back at their Colorado home, they were in shock and disbelief. Their home had been broken into and inside were over 300 teens having a party and destroying their home.

Unlike these teens that broke into a classroom to create chalkboard art, these teens only wanted to destroy a beautiful home while partying. As he explains in the video, how the teens targeted the home is even more disturbing!

Watch this homeowner explain how hundreds of teens invaded his home to host a party…


In the end, he had tens of thousand of dollars in damages and his precious home was left in ruins. Please share this awful event that unfolded while a couple went out for dinner with your friends and family.

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