Michael Bublé Was Interrupted by a Concerned Mother. He Couldn’t Believe His Ears.

Michael Bublé Duets with 15-Year-Old Fan in Audience.

When you attend a Michael Bublé concert, you can be assured of a few surprises like when Black Shelton appeared on stage to sing ‘Home’ with the famous Canadian Jazz Crooner. In the following performance, his set got interrupted by a mother in the audience. She wanted to ask the singer if her son could sing with him.

While some performers would have thrown a tantrum on stage if their performance was interrupted by an audience member, Bublé instead was gracious and encouraged her son to join him on stage. Once her 15-year-old son, Sam Hollyman, steps up on stage and sings a few notes, Bublé couldn’t believe his ears. He even invited him to sing with him on a song.

Watch Michael Bublé sing a duet with a 15-year-old boy in the audience…


Michael Bublé is truly an incredible entertainer and you know he appreciates his fans. Please share this great gesture where Michael Bublé invites a 15-year-old singer to join him on stage with your friends and family.

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