Couple Leaves Lousy Tip to Their Pizza Delivery Driver. Then, They Surprised Him at Work!

I recall when I was about 12 years old, I ordered a couple of pizza subs and had them delivered. The delivery guy was on time and was very friendly when he arrived at my parent’s house; therefore, I provided him a $10 bill to cover the order.

The actual order was something like $8.75 or something like that; however, I stood at the door while the delivery guy was sorting through his¬†pocket change for the difference. He struggled to find exact change but he eventually did. In the meantime, he must have thought I was a cheap idiot for basically not leaving him a tip. Because I didn’t know about tipping and such (my parents usually took care of ordering take-out), I look back on that event and wish I could go back and apologize but I did learn a valuable lesson. The lesson being that tipping is always important and I now tip generously for good service!

The following couple also didn’t leave a tip; however, it was because of a simple math mistake and they did something about it.

The couple didn’t properly calculate the tip when their pizza order arrived. But, while the delivery guy didn’t say anything, I’m sure he must have wondered why. The order was $22.67 and the couple handed $23.00 and said to keep the change.

After the couple realized their mistake, they dropped by the pizzeria the next day and delivered this card thanking him and a generous tip. People like this make you realize that there are great people in the world who care for people just as much as you do.

Maybe a cupcake will help?

Couple give $20 tip to pizza delivery driver.


H/t: Reddit

The fact that this couple went back to the pizzeria to thank their pizza delivery guy in person and reward him with an awesome tip is incredibly thoughtful on their part. Please share this thoughtful act of kindness with your friends and family.

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