“Let It Go” Tribal Cover by Alex Boyé Is Taking the Internet by Storm

"Let It Go" Tribal Cover by Alex Boyé Is Taking the Internet by Storm.

One of the biggest animated hits of 2013 has to be Disney’s ‘Frozen’. An incredible story, amazing visuals, and a soundtrack that is a feast for the ears. One musical hit, in particular, was Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ performed by Idina Menzel that really struck a chord with fans.

Today, there are tons of ‘Let It Go’ covers but none are as breathtaking as Alex Boyé’s tribal cover of the popular hit song from Disney. Written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson–Lopez, the song and video is nothing short of amazing. Featuring the angelic voice of 11-year-old Lexi Walker together with the One Voice Children’s choir, this ‘Let It Go’ Alex Boyé cover version is taking the internet by storm!

Watch Frozen’s “Let It Go” Africanized Tribal cover by Alex Boyé featuring Lexi Walker and the One Voice Children’s Choir…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments regarding the ‘Let It Go’ Africanized Tribal cover by Alex Boyé:

  1. “4 years ago, I heard this song and I love it…In 2019, I am still here loving this version of ‘let it go’…” – AlpacaGirl_
  2. “Am a proud African child…A little bit of African and American omg sooooo swt..????????????????????” – Sandy la belle
  3. “That girl who is Olaf. I never saw something that was so cute!” – Vera van der Nagel
  4. “That girl has an amazing voice. I LOVED IT !!! THE CHOIR IS AWESOME ❤❤❤❤” – kyra Bridger
  5. “You know a song is good when it gives your whole body goosebumps…” – andria grobler
  6. “OMG, this was the best version of let it go (Alex Boyé) I have ever heard the girl who plays as Elsa has an amazing voice and this African version is just amazing.” – Gacha Phoenix

‘Let It Go’ is a challenging song for any singer but Alex Boyé, Lexi Walker, and every performer in this video slams it out of the park. For more great covers like ‘Let It Go’ by Alex Boyé, don’t forget to visit his YouTube channel.

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