She Poured Mouthwash in Her Washing Machine and You’ll Want to Do the Same

Laundry Hacks and Tips to Make Laundry Day More Effective.

If there is one day many of us could do without, it would definitely be laundry day. Just like anything in life, any tricks we could learn along the way can make a huge difference and have us spending less time washing and more time enjoying the fun things in life.

BuzzFeed compiled a great list of laundry hacks that will keep your clothes looking newer longer and leave your washing machine smelling fresh and clean. There is also a great tip for quickly removing wrinkles in clothes without having to wait for the clothes iron to heat up.


Front-load washers can end up smelling foul over time this mouthwash tip should help clean without harsh chemicals. Please share these laundry tips with your friends and family and help make their laundry day a little easier!

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