Watching This Baby Crawl for the First Time Is Sweet but the Ending Is Even Sweeter

Crawling baby gets a dog kiss from her lab.

I think it’s common knowledge that Labrador Retrievers’ are fantastic dogs for kids and the Swift family certainly agrees. When their baby girl tries to crawl for the first time, her daddy reaches for the camera and starts filming her attempts at crawling.

While this is cute in its own right, when you reach the end of the video you’ll get a special treat that will melt your heart. Unlike this silly dog jealous of the baby, this lab loves watching her little sister learning how to crawl. She is adorable as she locks her eyes onto the dog and occasionally smiles while she tries to crawl.

Watch this crawling baby with her dog…


This Lab will be this baby’s best friend for years to come. The ending where her lab gives her a little kiss for learning to crawl is one of the sweetest things ever.

Truly a special pair of friends. Please share this special moment when a crawling baby gets a dog kiss with your friends and family.

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