This Adorable Dog Loved Sitting in a Box While Riding in the Car. His Owner Decided to Play a Prank…

Shiba Inu Dog Is Given a New Box to Ride in and It's Hilarious.

This adorable Shiba Inu named Koharu loves riding in the car like most dogs but when he does, he likes to sit in a comfortable fleece lined cardboard box that his owner made for him. Many people love to play harmless pranks on the people and pets they love and one day, his owner had an idea.

We all know that cats are renowned for sitting in the smallest boxes possible but are dogs the same? That question was answered when Koharu’s owner progressively switched his box with a smaller one and the dog’s reaction is priceless each time.

Like most dogs, this adorable Shiba Inu named Koharu loves riding in the car but enjoys sitting in his fleece-lined box while riding.

His owner loves him very much and decided to play a harmless prank on him by switching his box with a smaller one. What would Koharu do?

To his amazement, Koharu sat in the smaller box and was ready for his car ride. What a cutie!

What would Koharu do when presented with a box this small?

Find out by watching the video and you’ll smile at Koharu and his adorable reactions to each box.


I wonder if Koharu thought he was gaining weight or becoming a giant dog! Regardless, he is adorably cute and made my day.

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