These 2 Kittens Are Busy Eating but Then You Hear One of Them Do THIS. That Is Cute and Hilarious!

Cute Bengal Kitten Makes Hilarious Sounds While Eating Its Food.

You probably know someone that has a quirky habit when he or she eats. And, it either drives you crazy or makes you laugh. You may end up doing the latter when you hear this adorable little kitten eat his meal.

As both cats walk over to their food dish, the tiny kitten begins eating while the larger cat decides to politely wait. One reason is possibly the larger cat feels like the kitten needs more food than she or it could be that she is afraid of going anywhere near it because the kitten seems to be enjoying it so much!

Watch this cute Bengal kitten making hilarious noises while eating…


Cats are so adorable and you can’t help to chuckle when the kitten begins making silly sounds while it eats. It almost sounds like the kitten is saying ‘Yum, Yum, Yum.’

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