What This Radio Station Did for a Mother Who Recently Lost Her Son will Warm Your Heart

Losing a child is an unimaginable tragedy that no parent should ever have to endure. It’s even more difficult when they’ve been involved in a tragic accident. 19-year-old Blaine was a handsome young man and what was supposed to be a great day at his job for a turf company instead turned into a devastating day for his family when he was involved in a tragic accident at work on December 1st, 2014.

Radio Station KIIS Gives Back to a Mother Who Lost Her Son.

His mother Michelle is still grieving. She has a difficult time getting back to work but the bills still keep coming in. Recognizing the immense burden she was carrying, her daughter and her two siblings contacted the radio station KIIS and told them her story. When Kyle and Jackie O, popular radio hosts on KIIS, heard their story, they had to give back.

With the assistance of Clarendon Homes, they provided her assistance with her mortgage for six months. In addition, they also gave $5,000 to help with a home renovation that her son was working on. This act of kindness aimed to alleviate some of the financial burdens Michelle faced, allowing her to focus on her healing process and cherishing the memory of her beloved son.

Watch this surprise giveback by KIIS for a deserving mom…


The impact of KIIS’s gesture of support cannot be overstated. Losing a loved one is a life-altering experience. The financial strain that often accompanies such an unexpected loss can be overwhelming. The assistance provided by KIIS not only eases the immediate financial pressures but also serves as a reminder that the community is there to rally behind Michelle and her family during this difficult time.

It is so difficult to lose a loved one but this gift from KIIS will help out the family so much. If you would like to donate, there is also a GoFundMe campaign for the family.

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