A Man Spots a Creature Swimming Towards His Kayak. He Reacts in the Most Beautiful Way.

Tangled Sea Turtle Rescued by a Pair of Kayakers.

When a pair of kayakers decided to go sailing on the coast of Spain, they probably didn’t think they would be saving a life. While sea turtles face one of the biggest obstacles to their survival when they hatch, one sea turtle had to fight for survival once more as it lay caught in a fishing net and it seems wrapped around its neck.

He swims towards the man in a kayak almost as a plea for help because this turtle knows it is in trouble. As he pulls the sea turtle out of the water, he notices that he is severely tangled in a net and tries to carefully remove the fishing net tangled around the sea turtle’s neck and body.

Watch this sea turtle rescue performed by kayakers off the coast of Spain…

If it wasn’t for these kayakers being out on the water that day, this sea turtle might have drowned or would have succumbed to other injuries. Please share this beautiful sea turtle rescue by a pair of kayakers with your friends and family.

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