Newlyweds Stepped onto the Dance Floor for Their First Dance. I Can’t Believe What They Did!

Newlyweds Swing Dance to Benny Goodman for First Dance.

It is customary at every wedding for the groom and his bride to have their first dance. The wedding guests at Karoline and Wojtek’s wedding probably weren’t expecting a performance by the newly married couple that would show off their dancing talent.

Karoline and Wojtek only started dancing months before the wedding; however, you would think they have been dancing their entire lives. They swing-danced to Benny Goodman’s ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ and I think this is only the beginning of a beautiful life of dance for these newlyweds.

Unfortunately, the video of this epic first dance is no longer available.

I personally love the big band and swing eras and they couldn’t have picked a better song. “Sing, Sing, Sing” was arranged by Jimmy Mundy and recorded on July 6, 1937, in Hollywood by Benny Goodman and his amazing band. They include: Hymie Schertzer and George Koenig on alto saxophones; Red Ballard and Murray McEachern on trombones; Harry James, Ziggy Elman, and Chris Griffin on trumpets; Art Rollini and Vido Musso on tenor saxophone; Jess Stacy on piano; Allan Reuss on guitar; Harry Goodman on bass; and Gene Krupa on drums. The song was arranged by Jimmy Mundy.

This couple practiced a lot for this performance but I hope they continue with their new hobby and dance together for many years to come. Please share these newlyweds dancing for the first time to Benny Goodman with your friends and family.

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