Jennifer Lopez Gives a Great Performance With ‘Feel the Light’ but Her Dress Stole the Show

Jennifer Lopez wears a unique white dress during her American Idol performance of 'Feel the Light.'

Jennifer Lopez always knows how to give a great performance; however, this specific performance was not about dancing, it was about moving pictures. In a recent episode of ‘American Idol‘, Jennifer Lopez looks magnificent on stage with a stunning white dress that flows endlessly around her. Just like the moment when a granddaughter wears her grandmothers prom dress, it is so beautiful and proves one dress can change everything.

When the lights start dimming, her white dress is transformed into a large canvas and the audience loved it. The song she sang was ‘Feel the Light’ from the 3D computer-animated science fiction comedy- adventure ‘Home.’

Watch Jennifer Lopez’ American Idol performance of ‘Feel the Light’…


Jennifer Lopez’ American Idol performance is stunning. This must have looked incredible live and can’t believe how technology is changing live musical performances.

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