Jack Black Visits With a 12-Year-Old Homeless Boy. When He Sees Where He Sleeps, He Loses It.

Jack Black Visits With a 12-Year-Old Homeless Boy.

Red Nose Day is a yearly campaign that helps raise funds for children and families affected by poverty throughout the world. Over the past 25 years, they have raised over $1 billion dollars globally to help children in need.

As part of the Red Nose movement, actor and musician Jack Black traveled to Uganda and met thousands of children. In particular, he spoke about and learned more about a homeless 12-year-old boy named Felix. At the beginning of the program, he promised not to cry but once he learned the living conditions and struggles that Felix and so many other children had to overcome every day, he couldn’t hold back the tears.

Watch Jack Black visit Uganda and help raise awareness of poverty…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments regarding Jack Black visiting Uganda:

  1. “Kudos to Jack. I know it’s easy to be cynical and ask why celebrities don’t just give all their money for these causes, but believe me, these journeys they embark on tend to change them as human beings; being with one who has nothing and then having them drink a cup of water because of your sweat beats owning the latest iPhone 9 or 10 or 11 any day day of the week. That said though, I do quite a bit of traveling, and much rather help people directly than through organizations, for obvious reasons.” – Cam Phil Can
  2. “I Love Jack Black..” – gecompras

Felix also only has one wish and that is to have an education. With the help of Red Nose Day, Jack Black, and the generosity of loving people like you throughout the world, children like Felix will hopefully get their dream.

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