Sick Girl Waves to Construction Workers from Her Hospital Window. What They Did Will Warm Your Heart.

Iron Workers Sends Message to Toddler Battling Cancer.

When a child is sick, it can be extremely stressful not only for the family but for the child as well. A touching gesture from someone can turn a bad day into a good one. Construction workers made a world of difference in one little girl’s life battling cancer.

As iron workers worked beside a children’s hospital, they noticed a little girl, Vivian Keith and her family waving at them from the hospital window. They next day, they wrote a message on a steel beam and it brought tears to their eyes.

Watch these construction workers send a get well message to a toddler…


The opportunity for some of the worker’s to meet Vivian meant to much to them. Please share how iron workers made a difference in a little girl’s life while battling cancer with your friends and family.

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