Every Father Will Relate to This Hilarious ‘Sexy and I Know It’ Parody

Fathers Will Relate to This Hilarious 'Sexy and I Know It' Parody.

Being a father is just as much work as being a mother but the efforts of both parents are worth it when we see kids smile. YouTuber DaddyCrazy5 decided to show how much work being a daddy really is in a parody of LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’.

They have two older boys and triplets but whether it is cooking, doing the laundry, or playing with the kids, this daddy has it under control. If you’re asking where the mommy is, she’s behind the camera and directed the entire video and it’s a delight to watch.


Parenting is about sharing responsibilities and this family has the perfect formula. Please share this funny daddy video with your friends and family.

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