Every Father Will Relate to This Hilarious ‘Sexy and I Know It’ Parody

Being a father is just as much work as being a mother. But, the combined efforts of both parents are worth it when we see kids smile. YouTuber DaddyCrazy5, a father of five, decided to show how much work being a daddy really is in a heartwarming parody of LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’.

Fathers Will Relate to This Hilarious 'Sexy and I Know It' Parody Entitled 'I'm a Daddy and I Know It.'

With two older boys and triplets, the family dynamic is always bustling with activity. But, whether it is cooking, doing the laundry, or playing with the kids, this daddy has it under control. In the parody, this dedicated dad demonstrates that he has everything under control, making parenting look both fun and rewarding.

If you’re asking where the mommy is, she’s behind the camera! She directed the entire video which showcases the delightful and often chaotic world of parenting. The video is not only entertaining but also serves as a reminder that parenting is about sharing responsibilities. It’s important finding a balance that works for each family.

In this case, the family appears to have found the perfect formula. Both parents actively participate in the daily tasks and challenges that come with raising children. The video not only highlights the role of fathers in child-rearing but also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication between both parents.

Watch this parody of “Sexy and I Know It” entitled “I’m a Daddy and I Know It”…


Parenting is about sharing responsibilities and this family has the perfect formula. The DaddyCrazy5 video has struck a chord with viewers, garnering attention for its lighthearted portrayal of fatherhood and the loving connection between a father and his children. It serves as a reminder that while parenting can be hard work, the joy, and laughter that children bring make every effort worthwhile.

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