He Lied About His Age to Marry the Love of His Life. When She Passed, He Also Wanted to Be with Her in Heaven.

Ohio Couple Married for 70 Years Die Only 15 Hours Apart.

Kenneth and Helen met as teenagers and after three years of dating, the young couple eloped. They told their parents they were taking a day trip to Kentucky. Instead, they went to the courthouse and got married onĀ Feb. 20, 1944, only a day before Kenneth was legally old enough to marry.

Over the years, the loving couple had 8 children, 23 grandchildren, and 43 great-grandchildren and their love only grew stronger every day. In 2014, Helen passed away at the age of 92 and her children always had a feeling that when one of their parents passed, the other would pass also. Their feeling turned out to be true. Kenneth’s health quickly began to fade after his wife died and 15 hours later, he passed also and joined her in Heaven.


While their passing is sad, their story of love and family will warm your heart. Please share how this inseparable couple enjoyed life together until the day they passed with your friends and family.

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