She Slices into a Strawberry and Creates Something Beautiful. I Have to Try This!

Learn How to Make Strawberry Roses for Edible Arrangements.

I love edible arrangements that I find at my grocery store because it makes a great gift that looks like a flower arrangement but uses healthy fruits instead! When it comes to flowers, roses are the ultimate and Instructables shows us how to take strawberries and make them look like long-stemmed roses!

This would make a great gift for Valentine’s Day or a birthday and because it is handmade, it means so much more to the one you love. She begins by taking leaves from actual roses to build artificial stems from skewers wrapped with floral tape. She then secures the sliced strawberry to the skewer and the result is a beautiful edible rose!

Watch how to make strawberry roses…


Creating an edible arrangement using a dozen strawberry roses would make a lovely gift for any occasion. Please share how to make strawberry roses with your friends and family.

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