He Stuck Nails into a Lemon. I Couldn’t Believe What He Did Next…Amazing!

How to Make a Fire with a Lemon and Other Supplies.

Your favorite can of soda can remove rust for the same reason that lemons can: the citric acid. Because lemons have the highest amounts of citric acid, lemons are great for removing rust and cleaning away stains but did you know they also make an incredible battery capable of generating 5 volts of electricity?

YouTuber NorthSurvival uses a lemon, six copper nails, six zinc nails and some wire to create a battery that can generate enough electricity to start a fire. When wired correctly, the copper and zinc nails create a reaction with the citric acid and the nails function like positive and negative terminals on a battery. He uses steel wool to “short circuit” the battery which creates enough heat to melt the steel wool and create some flames.

Watch how he makes a fire using a lemon, nails, wire, and steel wool.


This is they same reason why 9 volt batteries should be disposed of properly because they can also start a fire using the same concept. Please share this great survival tip of using a lemon and supplies to make a fire with your friends and family.

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