They Get into Place and When the Music Starts, Keep Your Eyes on the Horse! Too Cute!

Horse Wows the Crowds by Line Dancing to Billy Ray Cyrus' Country Hits.

Horses are incredible animals that can be trained to do unbelievable routines when taught by talented horse trainers. Kids also love horses and they are more than glad to help when it comes to taking care of a horse.

The following horse in this video even knows how to line dance! When the announcer at Equitana 2013 in Germany starts playing Billy Ray Cyrus’ 1992 hit ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, the horse begins dancing along with his line dancing partners!

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the YouTube video is no longer available.

This horse’s ability to memorize so many dance routines is incredible and demonstrates just how smart animals actually are. Please share this sweet horse line dancing to some country hits with your friends and family.

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