Rescuers Found a Homeless Poodle Hiding in Fear. Watch Her Reaction as They Get Her into the Car.

Hope for Paws Rescues Dolly the Severely Matted Poodle.

Hope for Paws is an incredible organization and they have saved so many animals and the transformations that most of the rescued dogs go through is unbelievable. I can’t imagine how many calls they get in one day; however, this call was for a homeless poodle in Los Angeles. The dog’s fur was so matted that they couldn’t tell if it was male or female.

Like most dogs in this situation, this poodle named Dolly would snap every time they tried to snag a leash around her neck; however, after a few tries, they succeeded. Once they bring her into the car, you could immediately see a transformation. She knows she is being rescued and is going to have a better life. Watch the amazing transformation that happens with Dolly! You’ll have a difficult time believing that she is the same dog at the end.

Watch this severely matted poodle get rescued by Hope For Paws and make the transformation of a lifetime…


You’ll be happy to know that Dolly has a new forever home and she is happy with her new family. Please share this adorable rescue of Dolly the poodle that was possible because of the help of Hope for Paws and The Forgotten Dog Foundation with your friends and family.

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