Homeless Person Returns Items He Just Bought to Help Another Person in Need

Homeless Person Returns Items He Just Bought to Help a Stranger.

Some of the most generous people on earth are usually people who have nearly nothing in terms of possessions. Even when giving a homeless person a $100, they’ll spend it to help others. What they do have can’t be bought in a store…a caring heart and the willingness to do what they can to help someone else in need.

YouTube prankster Johal decided to create a social experiment by giving a homeless man money and watching what he does with it. He was glad to see that he purchased items he needed at a local Target store. Then, Johal pretends he needs money to help buy medicine for his daughter and what the homeless man does next is so inspiring.

Watch this homeless man’s breathtaking act of generosity…


I couldn’t believe that he returned all the items he just purchased to help another stranger provide for his daughter. Because it was a prank, Johal gives him another $500 and it brings him to tears.

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