I Tried for Hours to Find All 6 Words in This Picture. Can You Find All 6 Words?

Trying to solve Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzles and brain teasers is a great way to pass the time and also challenge yourself in the process. Highlights magazine began publishing children’s magazines in 1946 and their magazines are just as popular today as they were then.

Highlights contains puzzles, jokes, craft ideas, and so many other interesting sections in every magazine. The following 10 Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzles are just some of the challenging puzzles you can find in Highlights and it doesn’t matter what age you are, you are sure to have fun trying to find the 6 hidden words in each image.

1) Fun in the rain.


2) Snow day.


3) Pizza time!


4) Gardening fun.


5) School projects.


6) Winter wonderland.


7) Indoor fort.


8) Day out fishing.


9) Skating with friends.


10) Relaxing day reading at home.

Finding all 6 words isn’t as easy as you think and some of them are pretty challenging but if you did find all 6 words in each image…congratulations!! Please share the following Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzles with your friends and family.

Highlights Hidden Pictures Solutions – Spoiler Alert!!!

The following section…

…include solutions…

…to all 10 Hightlights Hidden Pictures puzzles.

Don’t cheat! 🙂

  1. clouds (in bush), damp (storm drain), puddle (boy’s raincoat), showers (orange umbrella), stormy (on Tree), wet (purple umbrella)
  2. boot (dog snow sculpture), chill (snowman and kid’s mittens), frosty (snow in tree), ice (car windows), mittens (icicles below beaver), snow (fence)
  3. cheese (hanging lamp), hungry (menu), music (sitting boy’s jeans), party (piano), red (spilled drink), yummy (girl’s hair)
  4. bloom (in tree), dig (pumpkins), farm (cucumbers), garden (corn), seed (tomato plants), vine (fence)
  5. cow (paper mache ball), Iowa (desk), guitar (bookshelf), laugh (girl’s hair), orange (tree outside window), wow (student’s hair entering class)
  6. chill (round toboggan), cold (girl’s scarf), frost (girl holding sled upright), ice (top middle sled), sled (bottom right sled), toboggan (boy with arms in air)
  7. cat (cat’s tail), cord (behind TV), couch (sofa), mirror (mirror frame), straw (broom), tiles (kitchen tiles)
  8. boy (tackle box) , fish (basket), hot (dock), nice (father’s hair), tree (trees in background), wave (in grass)
  9. cool (girl’s curly hair), cut (left building window), man (in shrubs), see (written in ice), snow (boy’s scarf), tell (green coat)
  10. book (father’s glasses) , novel (father’s chair), read (on rug), story (mother reading), page (boy’s pants), words (in plant)
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