He Pretends to Sneeze and Performs One of the Best Halloween Pranks Ever!

Head Sneezes Off Halloween Prank by Magician Rich Ferguson.

Practical jokes are great at any time of year but they’re even better at Halloween. Magician Rich Ferguson is a master when it comes to tricks and illusions and this prank is one of his best.

He walks around town and pranks pedestrians by performing a shocking illusion as he pretends to sneeze. He shocks them as his head pretends to fall off his body and it is incredibly realistic without the gore. There are tons of great Halloween costume ideas but this one is highly creative and shockingly funny.

Watch one of the best magic pranks ever by magician Rich Ferguson!


This Halloween prank is very creative and extremely well done.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “Head Drops OFF MAGIC PRANK!! **AWESOME**” by Rich Ferguson:

  1. “I think the kids at the end had the best reaction lol.” – MrLantz2011
  2. “I don’t know what’s more hilarious..the fact that he drops his head or the noises he makes after he does…:D” – Hrit Roy
  3. “The last part, best reaction EVER! Lol!” – HoneyTheFirst
  4. “Take your jacket off bro…it looks hot out there.” – TrevSkee Cannon
  5. “Notice every person puts their hands to their mouths after every act.” – LinksHopping Golfer
  6. “This is hilarious I laughed my head off. Get it. :)” – The Anime Witch
  7. “The kids were scared to death :D” – The Symphony of Science
  8. “Hah love how the little goonies ran off.” – Desert Bloomz
  9. “That’s Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo, CA! I live near there.” – andrw64
  10. “Gotta love San Luis Obispos bubblegum alley.” – pimpjuic24
  11. “I think I recognize that alley. Is this in San Luis Obispo (SLO)?” – Jason Haddad
  12. “Kids, never go into an alley with a man that is holding his own head.” – GabrielBissey

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