Talented 4-Year-Old Girl Gives an Epic Performance at Her School Ceremony

4-Year-Old Girl Gives an Epic Performance at Her School Ceremony.

Ever get the feeling to just get up and dance no matter where you are when you hear one of your favorite songs? Most adults will resist the urge but just like this tiny dancer channeling Aretha Franklin during her dance recital, one talented 4-year-old gave it everything she had.

Michelle Neshin’s daughter Sophia was graduating kindergarten and was to sing along to a cover of ‘How Far I’ll Go’. A popular musical theme from the movie ‘Moana’, Sophia knows all the words and it’s definitely one of her favorite songs. In her heartfelt performance, she lip syncs the entire song and give the audience a heartwarming performance.

Watch this talented 4-year-old girl give an epic performance at her school ceremony…


Even with all of her classmates on stage, she steals the show with her passion and enthusiasm! Please share this cute little girl singing ‘How Far I’ll Go’ at her school ceremony with your friends and family.

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