Great Dane Who Helps a Girl Walk Again Gets Best Day Ever

Great Dane Who Helps a Girl Walk Again Gets Best Day Ever

George, a Great Dane service dog has made a huge difference in his 11-year-old human’s life. Bella is a special young girl that isn’t letting her condition get in her way. Bella suffers from a rare disorder known as Morquio Syndrome and she and her parents thought she’d need a wheelchair or crutches her entire life. When her family found George through the non-profit Service Dog Project, her life changed forever!

The two share an inseparable bond and Bella is so confident in herself, she even rides a bike! To thank George for helping her achieve independence, she and her family are treating him to a very special day and he’s the guest of honor!

Watch George the Great Dane Service Dog who helps this girl walk again get the best day ever…


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