Friends Without Kids Don’t Understand Why New Moms Can’t Hang Out

Friends Without Kids Don't Understand Why New Moms Can't Hang Out.

If you’re a new mom, chances are you have some friends without kids that don’t quite understand why you don’t have any free time to spend with them. Hanging out all day or night with your besties is not as easy as it used to be.

YouTuber Elle from WhatsUpMoms is a new mother. Because her friends don’t see her as often as they did, she helps explain what her new daily life is like with two little kids. If you’re a mom or have ever been a mom, it shouldn’t be too difficult to relate to her struggles.

Watch this hilarious video of a new mom explaining what daily life is like to her friends without kids…


Raising kids is not an easy job and may not be for everyone; however, watching Elle’s experience will either excite you about having kids or have you thinking about adopting a pet!

Here are just some of our favorite comments on the video:

  • “Meg is obsessed with low-fat Greek yogurt. Brooke is obsessed with gold spray paint. Elle is obsessed with maternity pants.” by DanceClipz
  • “I am literally laughing out loud at this.. hilarious! I am trying to remember this as a friend without kids (for now) :-D” by jessicasmithtv
  • “This is a great ad for birth control…” by AngelStardom
  • “Elle, girlfriend, you are my hero! I love this & am sending it to all my friends now. This video is perfect – the end.” by AmandaMuse
  • “This video is cute don’t see anything wrong with it, I don’t have any children but I understand how hard and busy it must be to have children. The only people that find something wrong with this video are people who hate kids.” by Tabitha Harris

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