Florida Real Estate for Foreigners

An increasing number of US non-residents are thinking about how to buy flats for investment in Florida or purchase apartments for moving to permanent residence. The state’s popularity is due to comfortable climatic conditions and high quality of life. How much does a villa in Miami Beach cost? Are there other exciting places in Florida besides Miami Beach where you can buy a house?

Buy a villa in Miami Beach

The real estate market in Miami Beach presents a wide variety of objects. There are condominiums, studio apartments, flats in large and small residential complexes, and villas.

The real estate market in Miami Beach presents a wide variety of objects. There are condominiums, studio apartments, flats in large and small residential complexes, and villas.

The range of housing prices is huge. You can become the owner of a house both for millions of dollars and for several thousand dollars. The cost depends on the area of the object, the infrastructure of the local area, the remoteness of the house from the sea and the city center, and the year the property was put into operation.

Currently, there are houses for sale, different in size, with a large and small number of rooms, one-story and multi-story. The maximum cost of a villa in Miami today is $45,000,000.

Where, besides Miami Beach, to buy a house?

Experts advise an interesting location, Cape Coral. Why exactly here? What areas are the best here, and why are they remarkable?

The city is called Waterfront, which translates as “coastline”. Cape Coral has another name – Wonderland. The word means “magic country”.

The city is located in the southwest of the state, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Route 75 connects the city with other major Florida centers. A major airport is 30 minutes away by car. In addition, from the city to other settlements can be reached by water transport.

Cape Coral has a rich beach infrastructure. The city has eco-trails, a reserve, a lot of squares, and open parks.

Just over 200,000 people live permanently in Cape Coral. Over the past 10 years, the city’s population has increased by 26%.

According to experts, the educational system’s infrastructure level is much higher than average. There are 27 public and 56 private schools in Cape Coral. There is also a technical college.

Almost 75% of residents have their apartments and villas in Cape Coral.

What advantages does Florida have over other states?

Florida is one of the three largest US states, which provides a comfortable lifestyle in a territory with developed infrastructure. This is just one of the reasons to choose the state as a place to move to permanent residence. Also, among the advantages of Florida can be identified:

  • The warm climate and proximity to the ocean. There are no harsh winters, and you can swim almost all year round.
  • Good ecology. The state has a lot of green spaces and almost no industrial production that pollutes the air.
  • Attractive property prices and affordable cost of living compared to other states.
  • Extensive business opportunities.
  • Florida has no personal income tax. The rest of the tax rates are lower when compared to other states.

Is it worth investing in state real estate?

Real estate in the USA steadily rises in price. In 2022 alone, Florida prices rose by more than 20%. Specialists of the international consulting agency note that Miami remains the most popular destination for foreigners. This is where prices will rise the most. The results of 2023 are expected to show an increase in the value of Florida real estate in double digits. This confirms the profitability of investments in housing stock with a view to subsequent resale. No less profitable is the rental strategy. Foreigners are not limited in their rights to dispose of property at their discretion, including renting it out. Rents are rising along with house prices.

Choose your Florida accommodation today

On https://florida.realestate website you can quickly compare real estate prices in different Florida locations. A convenient search will allow you to find housing according to various parameters: the object’s location, its area, the number of rooms, cost, the number of stories, the area adjacent to the house, and so on.

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