What This First Grader Did for His Friend Who Has Cancer Will Melt Your Heart

First Grader Does Something Special for His Friend with Cancer.

When fighting cancer or any other illness, having moral support from friends and family is so important. Cancer knows no age and even this 4-year-old diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer is getting support from people all over the world.

For six-year-old Zac Gossage, he doesn’t have to fight cancer alone because he has the best friend ever. When 7-year-old Vincent Butterfield found out that his friend Zac had Leukemia and was undergoing chemotherapy, he shaved his head so that Zac wasn’t the only child in his class without hair. Not only that, he began selling scarves to help Zac’s parents pay their medical costs.

Watch this special moment as a first grader shaves his head for a friend with cancer…


Cancer treatments can be expensive without medical insurance and Vincent has a heart of gold for helping out his family. Zac and Vincent are inseparable and they are the perfect example of what friendships are all about. Yes, friendships are truly a beautiful thing.

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