Cat Hilariously Feasts on Catnip and Can’t Stop

If you own pets, you already know that they love getting treats. Many cat owners are familiar with catnip but one brand of catnip, Cat Crack, may just be a little too good! So much so that some cats just can’t seem to get enough of it. One cat, in particular, loves it so much, that its human can’t pull it away from the jar and it’s hilarious!

Cat Feasts on "Cat Crack" Catnip as Owner Tries to Pull the Jar Away.

In the video, you can immediately tell how much this cat loves his/her catnip. But what makes this video even more hilarious, is when its owner tries to pull the can of catnip away from the cat. As you can imagine, it’s nearly impossible and proves that cats love their catnip!

Watch this hilarious cat feasting on “Cat Crack” catnip while its owner tries to take it away…


Maybe this cat loves his/her “Cat Crack” catnip a little too much and is probably ready for re-hab! Just joking cat lovers, please don’t send us hate mail.

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Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Cat Feasts On Catnip As Owner Tries To Stop Them” by RM Videos:

  1. “The way she tells the cat to have self-control kills me lmao.” – hadamsj
  2. “You can’t stop a stoned cat.” – Ray Mak
  3. “This cat I- it’s higher than Mount Everest.” – Ashley Nichole Abbott
  4. “The cat is probably thinking: ‘This [censored] is good'” – Rajdeep Singha
  5. “The thing is called ‘cat crack’ and it looks like there is no false advertising.” – KodiaksTV
  6. “This really makes me realize how difficult being a cat owner would be if they had thumbs.” – SmeatPlays
  7. “I found my girlfriend at 3 a.m. doing this to a jar of Nutella. I can honestly say the resistance she showed me for trying to ease it from her grip was a great deal more ferocious.” – Max leigh grace 88

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