Create This Feathered Frost Coat Nail Art Design Inspired by The Huntsman!

Feathered Frost Coat Nail Art Design Inspired by The Huntsman!

If you are a fan of ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ along with its prequel/sequel ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’, this nail art design is just for you. Sandi and Juli of cutepolish have partnered up with The Huntsman: Winter’s War and created a feathered frost coat nail art design as epic as the movie itself!

This nail art design is influenced by the wicked style of the dark Queen Ravenna. It is also inspired by the icy colors of Queen Freya and with both styles combined, it looks incredible. You can use any shade you want to match your specific style and it will always look awesome.

Watch how to create a feathered frost coat nail art design…


I can’t think of a better nail art design for fall. The contrasting colors make it great for any occasion. 

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  1. “Julie’s natural nails are gorgeous.” – Appellation Sobriquet
  2. “You did Harry Potter. It’s not fair. You need to do Lord of the Rings nails nowww plssssssss????????????????” – Andrijana V
  3. “Can you do something with got-(Game of Thrones)?! since the 6 seasons is coming out soon?!” – Chelsea Marie Buhney
  5. “Ooowoow!!! This is amazingly GORGEOUS!!!! OMG!!!???????????????? These polishes look awesome too!!????✨ I can’t wait for the movie (Chris Hemsworth…omg????????” – Nailbees
  6. “Wow. This video is awesome????????” – R S

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