This May Look Like a Regular Cottage but It Is so Much More. You Won’t Believe It.

Camping season is just around the corner and that means towing a trailer (check out ‘The Marquis’ trailer) or driving an RV to your favorite destination spot. This ESCAPE cabin designed by architect Kelly Davis may look like a normal cottage or cabin but it’s actually an RV!

Davis was able to design a cottage that has the same dimensions as an RV but looking inside, you would swear it was an actual camp or cottage. The best thing of all is that you can purchase an ESCAPE park model RV if you’re in the market for a cottage you can move around. You can’t drive this RV but because it meets the size standards for an RV, it can be towed to any destination.

This cottage looks like it was built permanently on a lot but it is actually an RV.

This ESCAPE cabin has 400 square feet living space and has the proper dimensions to be classified as a recreational vehicle.

Because of its incredible design, it maximizes every square foot of living space.

The original design was for a high-quality cottage but design changes made it certified as an RV.

Inside, you would never expect this to be a cottage on wheels, it is as spacious as an apartment.

It follows the current trend of the small house movement where architectural design is creating spacious living spaces on a small physical footprint.

Every square inch of this cabin has been designed to be energy efficient and it is built from high-quality materials.

It also contains a full-size bedroom with a large ensuite washroom.

If you want to experience one of these ESCAPE cottages, you can plan a relaxing getaway package at Canoe Bay Escapes in Wisconsin, USA.

The ESCAPE is following a growing trend where people enjoy smaller spaces for economic and environmental reasons.

The floor plan showcases all of the amenities of the ESCAPE. Camping doesn’t get any more comfortable than this.

Unlike a camping trailer, ESCAPE cabins can be used all-year-round and perfect for winter getaways.

H/t: TreeHugger and ViralNova

I enjoy camping every summer and now I want an ESCAPE cabin so bad! Please share this awesome ESCAPE Park Model RV with your friends and family.

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