A Rescue Expert Thought This Deer Was About to Give up on Life. But Then Something Beautiful Happened…

Intense and Emotional Deer Rescue After a Road Traffic Accident.

Wildlife Aid Foundation founder Simon Cowell has experiences his shares of deer rescues and mentions that, “Deer rescues are always the most intense and rewarding ones, and this one is no exception.” When he was called out to an accident scene where a female roe deer was hit by a car, he didn’t know the extent of the damage she suffered but he was anxious to take a look.

After reviewing her wounds, she had deep cuts on her head and legs and Simon decided to bring her to the hospital to quickly repair her wounds. He knew that time is of the essence for deer because they sometimes die from a state of shock when handled by humans called capture myopathy. Watch this incredibly rescue and her reaction when they bring her back into the forest.


The deer was quickly giving up on life but Simon knew from experience that she needed some help to stand up on her own again and regain her strength. Please share this intense rescue of a deer that was injured by a car with your friends and family.

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