He Started Cutting out Holes in a Cooler and Had the Best Idea for Staying Cool This Summer

$8 Homemade DIY Air Conditioner Helps You Stay Cool This Summer.

When you think about it, an air conditioner is simply a refrigerator without a door. Coolant runs through coils and blowers pull cool air from the cold coils and blows it across the room.

YouTuber HouseholdHacker uses this concept to produce an inexpensive air conditioner that only costs $8 to build. All you need is a Styrofoam cooler, a couple of dryer vents, and a fan. In order to produce cold air, frozen water jugs or ice blocks are also used and they can be frozen again hundreds of times during the hot summer months.

Watch how to build an 8$ homemade DIY air conditioner…


This DIY air conditioner is also great for camping but if you don’t have any electricity to power a fan, there are many great tutorials on the web for making a solar-powered fan. If you fancy a swimming pool instead, here are hilarious¬†DIY pools too!

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