A Stranger Walks up to a Car Stopped at a Red Light and Does the Most Amazing Thing

Driver Stuck on Icy Road at a Red Light Gets Help from a Stranger.

When you’re driving in a shopping area, nothing is worse than seeing a bad parking job or someone holding up traffic. For one driver stuck at a red light at a shopping center intersection in Wrocław, Poland, he or she didn’t deliberately try to hold up traffic.

The roads were very icy. Even after trying to move the car into forward and reverse, the driver still couldn’t get the car to move. Instead of initiating road rage, one man decided to get out of his vehicle. He gently pushed the car out of the icy spot and got traffic flowing again.

Watch this good Samaritan helping a driver stuck in the snow at a stoplight…


It restores your faith in humanity when people go out of their way to help strangers. To get out of a bad situation, sometimes a helping hand is all we need. Please share this stranger helping a fellow driver stuck in the snow and ice with your friends and family.

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