His Son Always Gets Bullied by the Neighborhood Kids. Watch What His Dad Does…

Father Supports His Son's Dream of Being a Flamenco Dancer.

Kids are encouraged to reach for their dreams but it’s not always easy. They require self-confidence, support from family and friends, and being able to block out the haters.

In this touching ad by American Family Insurance, a young boy dreams of being a flamenco dancer but is afraid of being teased about it. His dad gives him a package with a Judo uniform inside. He is slightly disappointed but decides to take Judo training anyways.

While walking to Judo class with his dad, the neighborhood kids mock him every single time but his dad protects him. Once he completes his training, he regains his self-confidence and his dad rewards him in the best way possible.

Watch this dad supporting his son’s dreams…

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This father taught his son an important lesson about believing in himself and reaching for his dreams no matter what. Please share this proud father supporting his son’s dreams with your friends and family.

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