Dad Gets a New Pair of Light up Shoes and His Reaction Is Priceless!

Dad Gets a New Pair of Light up Shoes and His Reaction Is Priceless!

Do you ever recall opening a gift (hint: light up shoes) and finding it out it is something you’ve always wanted? The excitement can be exhilarating and your reaction probably was priceless for everyone around you.

The same thing happened to a father opening his birthday gift. He received a pair of running shoes as a birthday gift from his daughter but these were not a normal pair of running shoes, these were a custom pair of light up shoes by Evolved Footwear. Based on his excitement, I think he really, really, really loves his light up shoes!

Watch a father getting a new pair of light up shoes. His reaction is priceless!

This father proves you’re never too old to get excited when opening a gift and his excitement of receiving light up shoes made my day. He’s like a little kid at Christmas!

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “A Dad Got Our Light Up Shoes, His Reaction Is Priceless!” by evolvedfootwear:

  1. “Bro looks old, but he still seems very young spirited, good on him.” – Michelle H
  2. “Get outta town lol I can’t believe that’s a real saying.” – spartan1010101
  3. “Imgur people are heading here. (looks off into the distance) Here they come.” – Slimword
  4. “I want to become like him when I get old :0” – SkeleMann
  5. “this is the kind of reaction anyone could hope for when giving a gift .” – Thee Adjudicator
  6. “This is one of the first genuine smiles I’ve had in a long time.” – MrJackira
  7. “I wish I was this happy for one pair of shoes :)” – Sami
  8. “Why did I get teary-eyed watching this.” – Twenty4
  9. “This is the cutest god damn thing I’ve seen today.” – Elmore Evans

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