This Tiny Home Is Only 160 Square Feet but the Inside Is Incredibly Roomy and Cozy

So many individuals want to reduce their carbon footprint by living in homes that may appear tiny on the outside but on the inside, it’s an entirely different story. The companies and architects that design these homes maximize every square foot of space to ensure it’s going to be utilized efficiently. Homes such as this small triangular house in Japan or this abandoned garage converted into a beautiful home are excellent examples of homes leading the tiny home movement.

A company based in Costa Rica, Cubica, designs shipping container homes and one of their designs is based on shipping containers. At only 160 square feet, you’ll be amazed by the interior space and the coziness of their design.

This shipping container home designed by Cubica is only 160 square feet but is very spacious on the inside.

The home has a very contemporary style that is attractive and functional.

Every square foot is maximized and this drop-down table folds when not in use.

The kitchen looks great and offers a refrigerator, a two-burner stove, and space for a microwave or toaster oven.

This home can accommodate up to 4 people and it contains two single beds and a double bed.

There is a Murphy double bed that can be used as the main bedroom or as a bed for guests.

The washroom contains everything you need to start or end your day.

A spacious patio is built on top for lounging on warm summer days.

The floor plan demonstrates just how much space this home really and its design has been well thought-out.

The home has sliding doors and the sunshade above the deck also folds down for privacy.

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This home by Cubica is not only functional but looks great. Please share this shipping container home design by Cubica with your friends and family.

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