Babies Will Love These Cute Handmade Baby Sandals and Baby Flip Flops

Out of all the seasons, I love summer the best. Hot summer days means dressing comfortably and wearing sandals (yes, without socks!). But babies love being comfortable too and they would love wearing these cute crochet sandals!

If you love to crochet or know someone who does, these baby sandal crochet patterns are a perfect gift. Even better, these handmade baby sandals also makes a thoughtful baby shower gift. If winter is starting, you may also want to make cute winter hats with these crochet hat patterns for warm winter hats.

These crochet baby sandals are just too cute. / TwoGirlsPatterns


You can make one or a variety of sandals in bright, summer colors. / TwoGirlsPatterns


The patterns are available on Etsy and are highly-rated. / TwoGirlsPatterns

Download the pattern from TwoGirlsPatterns on Etsy.


They would also make a thoughtful gift for baby showers or birthdays. / TwoGirlsPatterns


There is even an awesome pattern for little baby boys too! / TwoGirlsPatterns

Download the pattern from TwoGirlsPatterns on Etsy.


What little boy wouldn’t love a pair of handmade crochet flip flop sandals? / TwoGirlsPatterns

In addition to these two sandal patterns, TwoGirlsPatterns offer a variety of crochet patterns for booties, loafers, and so much more. Please share these crochet patterns for making cute baby sandals and flip flops with your friends and family.

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