A Couple Stepped Into a Theater Full of Bikers and Their Reaction Was Priceless

A Couple Steps Into a Theater Full of Bikers and It's Priceless.

Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma associated with biker gangs but we’ve highlighted many great things bikers have done like protecting kids from child abuse and rescuing an abandoned dog. In the following video, the bikers at the Kinepolis movie theater in Brussels, Belgium, definitely looked unfriendly and there were only two seats left in the theater.

When couples on a date purchased those last two tickets and walked into the theater, some turned back while others bravely made their way to their seat. For the couples that didn’t fear the 148 bikers, the biker gang did something special that will have you smiling.


The video is a commercial for Carlsberg that was released in 2011 but it’s still hilarious today. Would you have been brave enough to walk to your seat or would you have bought tickets to a different movie?

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