Colorblind Dad Sees the True Color of His Kid’s Eyes for the First Time and Your Heart Will Melt

Colorblindness affects as much as 8% of men and 0.4% of women and while there is no actual blindness, individuals have a decreased ability to perceive certain colors such as red or green. Protanopia is a common type of colorblindness and it causes greens, yellows, and reds to appear as dark colors such as brown, black, or grey.

Opie Hughes, a father of three from Pennsylvania, suffers from protanopia and when he saw the color of his childrens’ eyes for the first time, he couldn’t hold back the tears. EnChroma glasses filters out the wavelengths that cause problems and his sister started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the cost of the glasses for her brother.

Her campaign was successful and she was able to surprise him with a birthday gift that would change his life.

Opie Hughes suffers from colorblindness and received a pair of glasses for his birthday that would change his life.


A father of three, he never saw the true colors of his children’s eyes.


Until Now. He couldn’t hold back the tears when he experienced the colors of life in all their glory.


He can’t believe all the vibrant colors around him that he was missing.


Only when you watch his reaction will you understand how much this will change his life.


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I couldn’t hold back the tears either and you can feel his emotions when he sees his family around him. Please share this incredibly moment where a father sees his children’s eyes for the first time with your friends and family.

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