If You See A “Child” Sitting in the Street, Police Urge You to Stay in Your Car and Lock the Doors

Criminals are constantly thinking up ways to steal from their victims or harm them. Just like thieves placing coat hooks with hidden cameras in public washrooms, It’s unfortunate but the best way to avoid being another victim is to learn how to protect you and your family.

A 33-year-old woman from Beaufort, North Carolina, was driving home from work at around 1:30 AM. She spotted what appeared to be a child sitting in the middle of the road and slowed down. Thankfully, she didn’t get out of her car and ensured her car doors were locked. Upon closer inspection, she realized it wasn’t a child but instead some type of dummy dressed up in children’s clothing. Seconds later, two men ran out of nowhere dressed in black hoodies and tried to open her car doors; however, she drove away immediately and avoided a carjacking or possibly something even worse.

Thieves placed this “child” in the middle of the road with the intent of performing carjackings.

After she reached a safe distance, she immediately contacted authorities. Carteret County deputies were able to locate the clothed dummy in the road but did not immediately locate the would-be thieves. According to Sheriff’s Office Maj. Jason Wank, “driving away was absolutely the right thing to do.”

The woman drove away immediately and contacted authorities which were able to locate the clothed dummy left in the road.

During the investigation, authorities were able to apprehend the suspects and found that it was actually 3 juveniles. Aged 10, 14, and 17, they explained to police that it was meant as a prank; however, it doesn’t explain why they were trying to open the car doors.

According to WNCT.com, detectives are continuing to investigate and will determine if charges will be filed. Because of this isolated event, The Sheriff’s Office warns drivers to use caution and always keep their doors locked while driving, especially at night.

Please share this tip to always drive with your doors locked and avoid getting out of the car with your friends and family.

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