A Chicken and a Corgi Get into a Fight. It’s the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day!

Epic Chicken Fight with a Corgi Is the Cutest Fight Ever!

When I think of an hilarious fight, this video of Adam Sandler and Bob Barker surely comes to mind! But, when a chicken and a Corgi started going at it in the yard, it’s definitely the cutest fight you’ll ever see!

The corgi playfully tries to rumble with the nimble chicken and has he swipes his tiny paws, it makes him even cuter. Later, a duck gets into some tag team action and tries to defend his little buddy the chicken and what he does will make you laugh.

Watch this hilarious chicken fight between a Corgi and a chicken…


I simply loved the part when the duck tries to help his little buddy and chases the Corgi away. Please share this cute chicken fight with a Corgi with your friends and family.

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